Choir Tweaks: Fast Fixes for Common Choir Problems

This practical ebook gives you solutions for many common choir problems that you can implement at your next rehearsal.

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This product is now available exclusively at Community Choir Professionals


Choir Tweaks was inspired by you, the Total Choir Resources audience. Choir leaders contact us every day with all sorts of questions and worries, but the issues they raise are pretty universal. Choirs struggle with the same problems the world over.

We want to give you practical solutions to the most common choir problems; ideas that you can implement straight away and that will give you and your choir tangible results. Look forward to tackling these every day choir issues:-

  • Straining to reach notes
  • Failing to blend or balance
  • Looking miserable
  • Straying from a harmony
  • Losing the beat
  • Sliding off pitch
  • Forgetting music or text
  • Starting and finishing untidily