Choir Starter Kit

When we started our choirs, we found that while there was a lot of information online about choral singing, there wasn’t much help for novice choir leaders, and what we could find wasn’t structured in a way we found accessible.

The Choir Starter Kit is a unique product for choir leaders and managers that gives you the information and resources you need to build a brand new choir from the ground up.

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This product is now available exclusively at Community Choir Professionals


This comprehensive ebook is perfect for anyone who dreams of leading a choir, but has no idea where to start. It takes you from the “blue skies” early planning stages right through to the nuts and bolts of crafting your first performance.

And if you’re already leading a choir, this is a great reviewing tool to reinvigorate your choir leading and management skills.

The ebook is downloaded in simple PDF format, so you can pop it onto any device you like and have it with you on the go.

EVEN BETTER, the ebook comes bundled with great tools, planners and checklists, to guide you through key processes like creating a budget, planning your first rehearsal, auditioning singers and deciding on your new choir’s first performance.

And if you’re not happy with the Choir Starter Kit, for any reason at all, just let us know and we’ll give you a full refund at any time within 30 days of purchase. No questions asked.


“I wish I had had access to this material before starting my choir ten months ago. It would have saved me a great deal of time and anxiety. Every aspect is covered, from the choir leader to the venue, how to organise rehearsals – especially that all important first one – and public performances.

Easy to follow, reassuring and encouraging, I recommend this book to all would-be choir leaders, and novices, too – there is something for everyone to learn here.”
Ann Clewlow – UK

“I have conducted choirs for several years and I would have loved to have something so straight forward when I first began! This is a wonderful starter and a great refresher for the experienced choir director. It’s a wealth of information that would be helpful to anyone at any stage of their choir conducting career.”
Ashley Conway – USA

“There is a pragmatic feel from the off. Nothing rambling. You feel the book will do ‘what it says on the tin’. It feels like a map that I will keep referring to on my journey.

The Choir Starter Kit has already helped to show me that, by breaking down the elements, it is possible for me to start a choir. Instead of being one huge mountain it now looks like series of surmountable hills.”
Imogen Palmer – UK

“I love the accompanying tools and resources. Sometimes it’s hard to translate text into actions. You have solved this by creating these fantastic tools.”
Michael Wilson – Australia

“You cover in a brilliant manner each and every tiny aspect of this venture. This would suit not-so-novice choir directors without well-developed management and organisational skills. You cover such a number of practical aspects of the task of running a choir that the book would perfectly fit every situation.”
Patricia Podolyak – Argentina


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